Commercial Plumbing Systems

Commercial buildings might have dozens of toilets, numerous sinks, kilometers of pipe works and several water heaters. The fixtures in a commercial or industrial building need to be sturdier because more is required of them. Residential plumbing systems do not get used as frequently as a building that holds hundreds of workers. When multiple toilets on separate floors get flushed 50 or more times per day, they are going to wear out more quickly. Therefore, commercial plumbing fixtures and pipes need to be more durable.

Emergencies in a commercial setting can be complex and costly. A burst water pipe in a home can be traumatic, but if a pipe in a 20-story office building bursts, many companies can lose extremely valuable equipment and business records. They could also suffer expensive downtime if their facilities are unusable. We are both qualified and affordable, which makes our service us a great solution to any business, hotel, school or shopping mall.

When a commercial or industrial building has a plumbing problem, we work around the occupants’ schedules. Patrons and workers must be considered when service is required. That usually means working over the weekends, during the holidays or throughout the night. 

Our plumbers have undergone more rigorous testing than a normal residential-only plumbers. 

Nu-Gen Plumbing has been servicing commercial and residential properties since 2011. Our master technicians can handle any emergency at any time of the day or night. We are available 365 days per year. If your office building, factory or home needs a plumber immediately, give us a call! 

We will handle your problem promptly and professionally.